50 billion by 2022: smart homes are big business

    Posted on 20/04/2017
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    All your appliances in your pocket

    Do you always get that feeling you forgot something once you’ve shut the front door? Is the oven still on? Did someone forget to turn off the television? Those worries are a thing of the past if you're a smart home owner. A handy app tells you which devices are turned on, and enables you to switch them off instantly from a distance. Worried about burglars? Thanks to smart motion sensors you can always keep an eye on your house when you're not home.


    Smart home, safe living

    Finally, preventive smart home packages such and KBC SmartHome (developed in collaboration with fifthplay) immediately alert you in the event of smoke, fire or water leakage. Both fifthplay cube and KBC SmartHome are modular and easy to install, leaving you free to add as many sensors as you want. Another plus: you can use the fifthplay cube to monitor your energy consumption and control your devices wherever you are.


    Saving energy becomes a breeze

    Saving energy without sacrificing comfort is a piece of cake if you live in a smart home. Think of smart thermostats, LED lighting combined with motion sensors, or fifthplay’s smart plugs. You can use the latter to connect individual devices to an app that keeps track of their energy consumption and enables you to eliminate slumber consumption with a single swipe.


    Smart homes: interesting not only for consumers

    Next to home owners, energy suppliers have much to gain from smart home technology, as it enables them to keep in close contact with their customers. Using the same app as their customers, energy suppliers can put together detailed user profiles and upsell products and services precisely when they create the most added value for their customers.


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