Treat yourself to the best smart home apps of 2017!

    Posted on 06/10/2017

    1.    Everybody loves Alexa

    When Alexa took centre stage at CES 2017, it was love at first sight for almost everyone who attended the fair that day. Amazon’s virtual assistant is always in for a chat and knows the answer to pretty much all your questions. What was it again your partner asked for Christmas? How long does it take to cook a perfectly soft-boiled egg? While you’re enjoying your egg, Alexa goes over the day’s stock prices with you. And yes, you can even connect Alexa to your home appliances so you can control them remotely. On your way home and so hungry you could eat a horse? Give Alexa a call and she’ll be happy to preheat the oven for you.


    2.    Always keep a watchful eye thanks to Project Nursery

    No parent likes leaving their baby alone. Still, it’s impossible to have your eyes glued to your child all the time. Unless ... you’ve installed Project Nursery’s Video Baby Monitor System. The so-called Mini Monitor, which is so small you can carry it around your wrist, is wirelessly connected to a camera (or four, if you wish) installed in your child's bedroom. In addition to a night vision camera, the Video Baby Monitor System includes a temperature sensor and can even play lullabies.


    3.    Nobody’s home, but someone’s feeding the cat

    Finding a pet sitter isn’t always easy, and most cats and dogs don’t like being taken out of their homes. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to ask your mother-in-law to come feed your pet every day while you’re away. The SmartFeederwhich can store up to 3.5 kg of feed, automatically feeds your pet at predetermined times or whenever you decide it needs feeding. It even calculates the ideal serving size based on your pet’s age and weight. Every time your dog or cat has been fed, or in case supply is running low, the SmartFeeder alerts you via text message.


    4.    Pimp your smart meter with the fifthplay cube

    Contrary to what the term suggests, the so-called smart meter – which will be mandatory in every house in Flanders from 2019 onwards – isn’t all that smart. It neither keeps track of your historical usage nor allows you to consult its readings via your smartphone. That is, unless you hook it up to the fifthplay cube! The gateway collects your usage data and analyses it in the cloud. You can then consult it anytime and anywhere using the app.


    Want to sell the best smart home apps ASAP?

    The smart home market is big business. Hence, more and more companies are expanding their product and service offerings with smart home apps. Does your business want to reel in as many smart home owners as possible too? The fifthplay cube can be adapted to fit your corporate style in a flash. Read all about our smart home solutions for partners or contact us for more information!


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