Fifthplay integrates Tesla Powerwall in its Smart Energy Management Solutions

    Posted on 08/04/2016

    Fifthplay was one of the first in Belgium to lay its hands on the much anticipated Tesla Powerwall, a Tesla Energy innovation. The acquisition of this revolutionary piece of technology opens a whole lot of new perspectives for fifthplay.

    The power of the Powerwall

    In our constant search for energy innovations, we could not ignore the Tesla Powerwall once we heard of its development. So, fifthplay pre-ordered the Tesla Powerwall several months ago and is now happy to welcome the disruptive energy solution into its ecosystem.

    “We consider this to be an important investment in the future of emission free electricity production and consumption.”, says Kris Van Daele, Managing Director of fifthplay nv. “Our teams are developing software to match the hardware’s potential as we speak.”

    Fifthplay aims to offer various Powerwall based solutions to its partners in the near future.
    Stay tuned for more details!


    Some facts about Tesla and the Powerwall


    • With its disruptive automotive activities taking over the headlines, many people forget that Tesla is first and foremost a battery producer
    • The everyday use version of the Powerwall collects the energy produced during the day for usage after the sun sets.
    • The Powerwall is expected to pay itself back in a period of 10 years
    • In Belgium, certified installation specialist Eneco will take care of the installation of the Tesla Powerwalls.

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