KBC SmartHome: Belgium’s first smart home partnership is a fact

    Posted on 01/03/2017

    Prevention in the smart home

    Insurers are increasingly investing in prevention technologies on an international level. In Belgium, however, they left these opportunities untapped until now. The KBC SmartHome package is a first for the Belgian insurance market. The prevention technology enables smart home owners to detect smoke, fire and water leaks instantly, reducing damage to a minimum.


    Keeping an eye on your home at all times

    The KBC SmartHome package consists of a smart smoke detector, a smart water leak detector and a fifthplay gateway. Did you leave the iron on? Are you sure the oven is turned off? What if there’s a leak and you’re not home? When the sensors detect smoke or water leaks, they send a signal to the gateway which forwards the signal to the KBC SmartHome app on your smartphone. Does your home have smart power outlets? Then you can also use the app to switch on and off appliances.


    Expanding the KBC SmartHome package

    The KBC SmartHome package is available from 209 euro. The basic package can be expanded with CO detectors, smart power outlets and additional smoke and water leak detectors, available in the fifthplay webshop.


    Proud of our partners

    fifthplay is honoured to be a partner in this promising collaboration which will change both the smart home market and Belgium’s insurance business as we know it. We are confident that this, much like our partnership with Essent, is the kind of collaboration that will make smart homes even more accessible in the future.


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