Smart consumers opt for smart home security systems

    Posted on 15/09/2017

    What are smart home security systems?

    For those who are not yet familiar with the term ‘smart home’: smart homes are homes in which electrical devices and systems, and in some cases doors and windows, are connected to the Internet. Over Wi-Fi, yes. Smart sensors, smart plugs (which go between an appliance and the power outlet) and smart switches connect all kinds of appliances and systems with a gateway. Such a gateway, like the fifthplay cube, is installed somewhere in the house and is in turn connected to an online platform which users can access using an app. Evidently, smart homes create endless opportunities, both in terms of energy management and home security.


    Connected doors and windows

    When someone mentions home security, electronic alarm systems immediately spring to mind. But while electronic alarm systems are indeed effective – some insurers even claim they reduce the risk of burglary by 15 percent – they don’t tell consumers whether all doors and windows are really closed.

    We’ve all been there: you’re on your way to work when suddenly you can’t remember whether you locked the front door. Thanks to fifthplay’s smart window and door sensors, there’s no need to go home and check. You can simply use your tablet or smartphone to do so. Conversely, fifthplay’s smart window and door sensors also immediately alert you via text message when someone opens a door or window.


    The lights are on, but nobody’s home

    Smart consumers who want to play it even safer also connect their shutters and lighting systems to a gateway. That way, they can operate their shutters and switch on their lights remotely, so to potential burglars it will always seem like someone’s home. Even when you’re abroad, the fifthplay cube and app will do exactly what they need to do!


    Want to become a smart home security provider? Let’s team up!

    Want to tap into the smart home market? fifthplay is an original equipment manufacturer for smart home solutions and always looking for new partners. Partners like KBC, with whom we created the KBC SmartHome package. We developed the app as well as all the smart components, allowing KBC to focus entirely on branding.

     Want to learn more? Discover our smart home solutions for partners or contact us for more information!


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