Smart homes: unknown, therefore unloved? 3 myths debunked

    Posted on 23/03/2017

    Myth #1: "You’re installing home automation? Have fun with your breaker hammer"

    In the early days of home automation, when features were mostly limited to ‘I-can-control-all-the-lights-with-one-and-the-same switch’, installing smart home technology meant damaging your precious walls. All those cables had to go somewhere, right? Today, however, smart home applications are not only much more versatile, they also don’t require any cables. Modern smart home solutions such as fifthplay’s simply work over WiFi, so you can even turn on the light with your smartphone when you're not home. Is someone at the door while you’re on holiday? Your smart home alerts you by text message.

    How smart homes work today

    Nowadays, most smart homes use integrated solutions. Smart sensors, plugs and switches wirelessly connect your devices to a gateway that collects and forwards all energy data to an online platform. The platform processes the data, turning it into insightful graphs. Want to check your energy consumption? There’s a simple app on your tablet or smartphone for that!

    fifthplay’s open gateway

    Want to combine brand X smart plugs with a brand Y smart thermostat? Not a problem if you use fifthplay’s Home Area Manager. This open gateway is compatible with all smart plugs, sensors, switches, thermostats, ... – regardless of the brand.


    Myth #2: "Smart home technology is incredibly expensive"

    Since smart home technology no longer requires homeowners to break out walls, smart homes these days are not nearly as expensive as they used to be. In fact, fifthplay’s smart home components can even save you money in the long run. Creating handy overviews of your gas, water and electricity consumption, fifthplay enables you to pinpoint the biggest energy-wasters in your home and reduce standby consumption instantly. Evidently, you can also use our smart home technology to programme your appliances and get the most out of off-peak rates. And when you suddenly realize you left the lights on while you’re at work, you can simply switch them off using your smartphone.


    Myth #3: "Smart homes are too complicated for me"

    If you think smart homes are a complex, user-unfriendly matter, think again. In collaboration with ONnergy, fifthplay has created an easy app to keep track of your energy consumption and control your smart appliances. If you want, you can even join an online community via the app. After having indicated how much energy you want to save, you can challenge other smart home owners to do better. Participants with excellent scores not only save money on their energy bills, but also have a chance of winning fun prizes.

    Turn your home into a smart home with fifthplay

    Looking to save energy? Want to control your appliances wherever you go? Discover fifthplay’s smart home solutions!

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