The only way is up! Fifthplay France experiences major growth due to RT2012

    Posted on 12/05/2016

    Fifthplay France, founded in 2006, currently signs between 9,000 and 10,000 residences per year, assisting an equal amount of households in their energy management. And this number is expected to grow substantially in the following years, due to the fast rollout of smart meters following the French Energy Efficiency Standard RT2012.


    Fifthplay France shifts focus towards apartment buildings

    In 2015, fifthplay France signed over 150 contractors, each of whom now install fifthplay solutions exclusively. These contractors have a collective market reach of approximately 10,000 households. From this year on, fifthplay will broaden its potential with a service shift towards apartment buildings. This should count for a substantial growth in fifthplay’s residential smart energy offerings, managing 25,000 households by the end of 2016.


    What makes France such an interesting market for fifthplay?

    1. The nationwide rollout of smart meters

    “France officially kicks off the rollout of smart meters in 2016, placing its market way ahead of Belgium in terms of smart energy management.”, Kris Van Daele explains. “With an estimated target of 35 million meters to install by 2024 - 3 million of which should be installed by the end of 2016 - there’s a lot of room for fast growth for fifthplay France.”
    After the Netherlands, France will be the second country where fifthplay offers services for smart meters.

    2. Fifthplay’s participation in Smart Electric Lyon

    Fifthplay is one of 21 energy innovation partners (including EDF) participating in the Smart Electric Lyon experiment. This prestigious project aims to develop solutions that guarantee a continuous stability of the electricity grid, even in times of over-production or over-consumption. With the French market being both a tough one and one that’s miles ahead of Belgium in terms of smart energy management, the learnings from this collaboration should also benefit the Belgian market in time.

    These two combined should give fifthplay a serious head start by the time Belgium starts its rollout of smart meters (expected in 2019). And in the meantime, it offers beautiful growth perspectives on the French market.

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